Legal and Medical Records Shredding in Delaware

Medical Chart Destruction and Legal Records Shredding Services in Delaware

Any healthcare employee is responsible for their patients’ private health information, or PHI. It is absolutely necessary to trust your shredding needs to a competent shredding company in DE with experience and one that understands the laws, security, and compliance regulations. As a healthcare professional in Delaware, you need to handle your patients’ records with the same care and attention as you do with their healthcare needs.

For legal professionals, it is imperative to take all measures to protect the firm and it’s clients’ privacy.With many high-profile data breaches in recent years, taking proper care to securely destroy all legal, case and client related documentation is more important than ever. However, protecting your firm from the risk of a security breach means more than only your client’s records. If you have financial reports, HR forms, or payroll records, your practice is at-risk of fines and loss of reputation if any of that information falls into the wrong hands.

Professional Residential Document Destruction and Home Shredding in Delaware

Paper Shredding for Your Home or Office in Delaware

If you have a backlog of personal or business files, taking up valuable room in your home or office, give us a call! Our friendly staff is available on your schedule for our convenient home shredding pickup service. Your documents will be securely shred on site, at our facility and we always provide you with a Certificate of Secure Destruction for your records.

Your privacy is our highest priority and we guarantee that your sensitive documents will have no unnecessary personal contact. Material is shred daily with us and we offer our home shredding service in Delaware affordably without sacrificing quality and customer service.

Recurring Shredding Service in Delaware

Attractive, Lockable Consoles & Bins for Weekly, Monthly Shredding Pickups or Scheduled Shredding Service in Delaware

Many offices in the Delaware area handle confidential files on a daily basis. Whether these files pertain to business or your clients, Delaware Document Shredding is here to help!

With security breaches on the rise, as a business, you can’t afford to dispose of your documents in an unsafe manner. We offer attractive and simple shredding bins or consoles to Delaware businesses, that stay in your office and allow you to personally ensure that your documents remain secure. From initial placement of the bin to HIPAA compliant destruction, we guarantee disposal of your paper files in a professional and secure manner.

Our staff is happy to customize a convenient Delaware shredding pickup and removal plan for you! We can pre-schedule weekly or monthly shredding pickups in DE, or you can simply give us a call when you notice your bin is getting full. Our secure shredding service in Delaware for these bins is priced simply at a flat rate per service call. Delaware Document Shredding has no hidden or added fees for transport, fuel or anything else!

One-Time Shredding Service in Delaware

Convenient and Fair, Up-Front Pricing for One-Time Shredding Pickups in Delaware

Along with recurring shredding service in DE, Delaware Document Shredding proudly offers a one-time purge option!

As a local business owner, you may think personal shredders are enough to stop your private documents from getting into the wrong hands, but this is not always the case. Personal shredding machines have different levels of security and are not always fully effective. Some do not provide the level of destruction necessary to keep your information completely confidential. Delaware Document Shredding will pickup your documents, at your convenience, and we guarantee the total and secure destruction of your paper files, while keeping them completely confidential.