The Importance of Document Security

Why Shred Your Documents?

Identity and information theft is a huge concern in today’s world and if you’re not taking proper steps to destroy your data securely in Delaware, you could be at risk.

Individually, bank statements, tax records, property documents and more could be used against you if they fall into the wrong hands. When these types of documents are not disposed of properly, you run the risk of the information on them becoming public knowledge.

From a professional standpoint, almost everything you put on paper should be securely shred before disposal. Not only are you responsible for the company’s information on them, but also any client information as well. Legal offices and medical practices in particular need to be vigilant when disposing of documents. Private citizens and professionals in the DE area trust Delaware Document Shredding to securely destroy all of their sensitive documents and information.


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Shred Level Standard

How you choose to shred your documents in Delaware, matters.

There are actually seven levels of security when it comes to shredding machines and how they destroy your sensitive information. Below are a few of the types of shredding:

  • Strip-cut –  The basic and least secure method. Rotating knives cut paper into strips

  • Cross-cut or Confetti-Cut –  Two rotating drums cut pieces of different shapes

  • Particle-Cut –  Cuts papers into tiny squares or circle shapes

  • Pierce-and-tear –  Rotating blades that pierce the paper and then tear it apart.


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The security for shred level standard now includes seven levels of security ( This means that you need to adhere to the security standard that your documents are classified as in order to remain in compliance with regulations. The security levels dictate the particle size for each class of documents. These depend on whether they are general internal documents or internal documents that contain sensitive data, going up to strictly confidential information. The most secure shred level standard receives approval by the NSA/CSS for top-secret document shredding.


While most professionals don’t require the highest security, any business looking to meet FACTA requirements must use a shredding machine with a security level above 4. A select few may need a security level of 6 which is for more confidential information. HIPAA does not actually require a minimum security level, but they do recommend at least a security level of 3, with cross-cut as the preferred method of destruction.

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